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Hippocampe gets great reviews in Irish Examiner article

Great news, Hippocampe Wheelchairs have got a hugely positive review in the Irish Examiner today including reviews from local councillors about the benefits on beaches and outdoor areas.

In the article it said; Cork County council chief executive Tim Lucey said he was hoping to open up access at more beaches for those with mobility issues, but this would be dependent on voluntary groups helping to administer booking the new wheelchairs and to store them, as is being done at the Warren beach near Rosscarbery.

Mr Lucey said the council was keen to work with such groups and to provide physical infrastructure, which was being worked on with municipal districts in control of popular beaches. “We are very keen to do a lot more. Please God by next year we will have more improvements,” he added.

Mr Lucey made the comments after Sinn Féin councillor Danielle Twomey won unanimous support from fellow councillors to urge the council to purchase 'Hippocampe chairs,' which are even more versatile than the one used at the Warren.

“They provide access to swimming, can be adapted for use on a kayak and can be immersed in water. This wheelchair allows access to all types of terrain,” Ms Twomey said.

She said the topography of some beaches would mean the type of wheelchair stationed at the Warren could not be used, but the Hippocampe version can be used anywhere.

Read the full article here

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