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AccessRec WaterWheel Floating Wheelchair
Floating wherelchair.jpg

WaterWheels is a floating beach wheelchair which enables people with disabilities to float in the sea or swimming pool
Thanks to its floating armrests and oversized wheels, users of WaterWheels can  safely float in water. The safety harness secures its passengers when moving from sand to water.

The disabled community can now enjoy the beach, ocean, lakes, waterparks & pools with the reliability & comfort of WaterWheels. It is composed of 6 different parts: the frame, 2 armrests and 3 big wheels, and is easily assembled and disassembled in less than a minute without any tools!

WaterWheels is perfect for all wheelchair users and those with special needs.

AccessRec TerraWheel Upright Wheelchair
Terra Wheels - access (1).webp

Whereas not as versitile as the HIPPOCAMPE, the TerraWheel beach wheelchair  is specifically designed for the travel of people with reduced mobility (PMR, elderly people) in a more upright position  on soft grounds which are hardly accessible, sand, grass, snow and forest roads.

Its four balloons wheels facilitate the carer of the user to fully enjoy walk joys on the beach.

Its safety harness makes the TerraWheels  beach wheelchair a safe wheelchair. It prevents falls while walking on soft grounds.


Users can enjoy walk joys on any type of ground thanks to the stability and comfort of beach wheelchair.


Composed by 5 spare parts, it can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tool facilitating its transport and maintenance.

TerraWheels beach wheelchair has been designed to provide users ideal outdoor sensations. TerraWheels beach wheelchair is suitable for every wheelchair user, especially people with reduced mobility or elderly people.

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