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Marathon Model

The HIPPOCAMPE Marathon is a chair perfectly adapted to the practice of running and offers everyone the opportunity to compete in sports events.

The light-spoke wheels preform at high on the asphalt, while the handlebar design and its side handles optimize the thrust of the chair, and makes it easier to change direction

Developed in close collaboration with its users and runners, it has been designed to be as The Hippocampe Marathon is an exciting wheelchair that enables a runner to take their loved one out on a run with them.

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair for participating in competitive sports or for leisure activities, then look no further than the HIPPICAMPE  Marathon.

Designed, Manufactured and Developed closely with users and runners to meet their requirements as closely as possible: the thickness of the seat, and the different sizes and accessories of the frame enable different kind of disabilities to be comfortably seated during the race.

The lightweight spokes on wheels to facilitate speeding on asphalt, while the design of the handlebar and the side handles optimize the push, and help for path changes.

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Options available:   Swivel parking brakes, Waist belt, Neoprene harness 4 points, Adjustable and swivelling armrests, Multi-positions headrest, Footrest and armrests nets.


Advised sizes: 

up to 1400cm (small), from 1400cm to 1650cm (medium),
from 1650cm to 1850cm (large)
Back/seat feet length:
72cm (small),  82cm (medium) and 92cm (large)
Push bar – front wheel length:
167cm (small), 177cm (medium) 187cm (large)
Seat depth: 37cm
Seat width: 40cm
Seat wheels width:  59cm
Adjustable Backrest height: from 37cm to 47cm 
Folded wheelchair length:
116cm (small) 126cm (medium) 136cm (large)
Folded width: 50cm

Key features:

– Seat Hydrophobic foam covered in comfortable black lycra of 3 cm of depth, fast-drying, and avoids skin problems.
– Frame is manufactured in stainless steel and aluminium covered of a comfortable black EVA foam even in case of long sun or cold exposure.
– Push bar Anodised aluminium tube with a multi-position adjustment foam handle improving comfort and hand positioning. The presence of the rubber side handles allows the pusher to change their hand positions following the paths changes.
– Front wheel 12” wheel spokes with a black Schwalbe Balloon Big Apple tyre, a 12“inner tube, and a bicycle hub.
– Rear wheels Two 24” wheel spokes with a black Schwalbe Active Rightrun tyre, two 24” inner tubes, and 2 quick release half-axles. Hub of 12.7

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